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Conscious Uncoupling From The Democratic Party; My Struggle To Own Being A Progressive Libertarian Independent

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Yes, the title of this post is correct. I’ve decided to make a conscious uncoupling from the Democratic Party. Now, I didn’t just wake up yesterday or this morning with a revelation that I was no longer a progressive democrat. This has been something that has been evolving for a number of years. It’s also a decision that a great deal of thought and contemplation has gone into. All that’s happened for me now is that I’m out of the closet and into the open as a Progressive Libertarian Independent.


While I detest labels, we live in a society where labels are the norm. The only label that I fit into comfortably is that of a Black man who thinks independently. For most of my life I’ve been on the far left, except in three fundamental area: 1. the 2nd amendment of the Constitution of the United States. My strong support of the 2nd amendment is counter to most anyone who labels themselves progressive democrats. And yes, I’m an urban prepper with a long desire to live on a small farm in the country. 2. I totally embrace the separation of church and state with a passion. 3. This one is kind of tricky, but I’m fully against abortion and have been my entire life, but and it’s a big but, I am fully in support of a woman’s right to chose.

Holding the views and positions that I do, doesn’t place me fully in the camp of any political party. Over the past several years of examination, research and conversations I’ve determined that the Libertarian Party fits me more than any other. Even though I seem to fit within the Libertarian Party I’ve decided to remain an Independent.

Now I know true Libertarians will bristle at the term of Progressive combined with Libertarian. Although there is a segment of Libertarians who do call themselves Progressive.   

Thinking Independently

As a Black man who thinks independently I can no longer subscribe to the big government and taxing policies of the typical Democratic agenda. Although the policies of the typical Republican agenda leaves much to be desired also. My real assessment of both major political parties is that they are actually more alike than different in the final outcomes.

Making the move to conscious uncouple from the Democratic Party has been a struggle in many way. I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid of Democratic Party think for so long and it’s a challenge for me to even say I’m not a Progressive Democratic. I still think of myself as a Progressive but with Libertarian leaning. I guess that’s why I’m feeling out on a limb by myself, as I leave my well known comfortable nest of the left. Even though I’ve talked with and have been consuming writings of Black Libertarians, I’m not sure how my past political habits fit within my new found ideology.

Habits Die Hard

My political reading habits for years have consisted of a daily digestion  of: The Huffington Post; Salon; the Daily Beast; Alternet; Slate; Think Progress; TPM; the Root; RealClearPolitics; Politico; Mother Jones  and the Detroit Free Press, along with a few others. I’m now adding Reason; Reformed Libertarian; Libertarian Progressive; The Black Libertarian; Bleeding Heart Libertarians and Townhall, to my list of daily websites I examine. My interest is taking a look at all the different variations of Libertarianism to ascertain what policies, thoughts and ideas I do or don’t agree with.

Ta-Nehisi Coats is still and will remain on of my favorite writers along with Chauncey DeVega. I’ve had a long off and on relationship with Thomas Sowell but he’s now making more and more sense to me everyday. I’m also paying much more attention to Dr. Walter

Yes, I still watch MSNBC, I know, I know, but I love Rachel and I have a very difficult time consuming anything on Fox. I also enjoy Thom Hartman. I unapologetically voted for President Obama and would do so again given the choices of the last two presidential elections. I don’t know, some habits may never die as others evolve.

Take The Quiz

In the course of my research on Libertarian political ideology I came across two quizzes that I’m sure you will find interesting. The first quiz is very short, in fact it called The World’s Smallest Political Quiz and takes less than a minute to do. Here’s the link for The World’s Smallest Political Quiz.  The second quiz is slightly longer but again only takes a couple of minutes to take. Here’s the link for the quiz Are You a Libertarian? Let me know in the comment section below how you scored on the quizzes and what your thoughts are on the Libertarian Party.

In future posts I’ll share more on the areas that I find myself having difficulties with as I move into the somewhat unfamiliar territory left from my conscious uncoupling from the democratic party. 

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