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My Coaching Program centers around my forthcoming book iCountability Mindset. This type of coaching is sometimes called Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Success Coaching etc... The root of all coaching is based totally in iCountability™.

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I blog about things that motivate, inspirer and impact Men of Honor on our journey through life. Sometimes it's fun stuff, sometimes it's heavy, often it's controversial, but always it's honest.

Everybody has a story – What’s yours?

I hear from a lot of people, “I’ve been wanting to write a book for awhile.” What I say to anyone who says that is, then you should do it, everyone has a story. It doesn’t matter if your story is fiction or non-fiction, we each have our own story that is important to share… read more →

Young NFL Running Back Creating His Dreams and Desires

Edwin Baker – Man of Color: Man of Honor I read an article today in the Detroit Freepress on NFL Running Back Edwin Baker. This young man exemplifies much of what I talk about in Men of Color: Men of Honor. You can read the details about this successful young man in the link above. What… read more →

Welcome To My Site

Hello and Welcome, Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m very happy you’ve decided to join me. This website/blog along with my other website/blog at Kevin has been a long time coming. The purpose of both sites is to allow my readers to get to know me first hand. My websites and the books… read more →

Men Thinking Independently - Men's Work

I Need Your Help!

Men, I'm in the process of creating and developing an online Men's Group based on my forthcoming book iCountability Mindset. Men I need your input in the formation of details for this project. To get involved on the ground floor and learn more about how important your voice is to this process Click Here For More Information.

I love words. The word for today is:

fantasticate |fanˈtastiˌkāt|

verb [ with obj. ] rare 

make (something) seem fanciful or fantastic: I do not think I have fantasticated these accounts.

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